Wedding Info

What will happen when?

On our wedding day (Saturday 5th October) we have invited guests to arrive from 2pm onwards.  The ceremony will take place at 3pm according to Bulgarian law. After that we will make some vows in English.  If weather permits this will happen in the Residence garden.  There will be a buffet with mixed British and Bulgarian cuisine from 4pm onwards, and some inept attempts on our part (hopefully better by our Bulgarian guests!) to dance “horo”, a traditional Bulgarian circle dance.  In the evening Mr Roy Godding will be master of karaoke ceremonies.

Wedding gifts

Are not required!  The presence of our friends and family is the best present we could have. We are also certain to be living somewhere smaller next year and are trying not to accumulate too many possessions.

If you would like to get us something, we would suggest a copy of your favourite song/album or film. We love listening to music and watching movies and this is a chance to extend our collection with recommendations from friends.  If you tell us what you particularly like about the music or film, we will think of you as we enjoy it.

Being practical: CDs, DVDs and electronic files are all welcome!  If you would like to check whether we already have your suggested gift, you can email

International guests

Thank you for coming!  Please let us know your flight details if you haven’t already, and we will arrange for you to be collected at the airport.  We will organise some light entertainment on Friday and Sunday.

Dress code

Please wear whatever feels comfortable.  We  will be wearing a linen suit (Wayne) and a long dress (Cathy) – but then we are the bride and groom! We definitely don’t expect you to wear top hats and tails, or ballgowns.  If you would enjoy dressing up, feel very welcome, but it is not required. The most important thing is that you come and feel comfortable.

Part of the event will be outside.  We suggest you bring a jacket or a shawl so you don’t get cold in the garden. You can see a weather forecast for Sofia here.


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